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Here you can read about Steve's works. Please visit the portfolio for samples.


When I picked up my paintbrush back in 2010 it was simply as a way to pass the time while I was recovering from a serious heart attack. In fact I didn't even pick up a brush until I started to feel comfortable with a simple pencil and paper.


From there I progressed to water colour paints, water colour pencils and finally on to oil paints and canvas. I also dabble from time to time with Prismacolour pencils, but still have a lot to learn about those. I have a selection of different papers to try and if I ever get one that works for me then I'll be sure to let you know and post the results somewhere on this site.


As for the paintings themselves, I really haven't found a niche as yet. I'm always impressed with artists who know exactly what they want to paint and are content to explore that medium and that subject until they really master it. I find that I'm happier continually trying to push my boundaries and explore new techniques and subjects. Maybe one day I'll find that elusive subject that wont let me go, but until them I'm happy to flit from one to the other.