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This is a piece which I completed in March 2016. I considered it a bit of a 'rite of passage ' to do a painting of a Gondola on a canal in Venice and was fortunate to be able to use a lovely photograph by Joe Price as a reference. Everyone has to paint a gondola on a canal in Venice at some point in their art career so I decided to jump in and have a go.

 You can see how I progressed through this piece here...

Gondolas CompletedGondolas Completed


I saw a lovely photograph taken by Mal Reyner on a group on Facebook and with her permission painted the following scene of a narrow boat at Coxes Lock, near Addlestone in Surrey, UK.

You can see my thought process as I did it here...

River Boat FinishedRiver Boat Finished


Cafe St Regis.

I did this painting during 2016, completing it in early October of that year. It's based on a wonderful photo taken by  Anne Ginthner Laslo and used with her permission. The step by step is found on this page.

Cafe St Regis, ParisCafe St Regis, Paris


I call this one "Hidden Stream". I wanted to force myself to paint something using as much green as I could manage. For whatever reason I've always had trouble with mixing greens so I thought this would be a good test. The painting is based on a reference photograph taken by Helen Cadwallader and was used with her permission.

Hidden StreamHidden Stream


The "Northern Cardinal" was done specifically for Christmas 2016. I used a photo taken by  Mike Perez for reference with the intent that this will be the illustration for this years Christmas cards. Also I had some extra cad orange paint to play with.

Northern CardinalNorthern Cardinal


I painted the "Grey Lady" in November 2016 using a reference photo by Mike Shields. It shows the abandoned boat outside Conwy Harbour in North Wales UK, looking across to Deganwy.
Abandoned fishing boat.Abandoned fishing boat.


I kept this painting nice and simple, no complicated perspective, no diffuclt details. Just a simple bird on a branch. Thanks to Russ Bridges for the permission to use his photo as a reference.

European Blue TitEuropean Blue Tit


Maybe my last one for 2016... A fishing trip in the early morning mist. I wonder if they caught anything.

Eayly Morbibg Fishing as the Mist ClearsEayly Morbibg Fishing as the Mist Clears


My first Fantasy Art piece...

Goddess FreyjaGoddess Freyja


I've spent nearly 40 years at sea so I guess I've spent long enough looking at waves that I should have some idea of how to paint them.


Sue and I spent a pleasant afternoon at our local national park recently where I did some sketching. The sketches and photos led to this oil painting done on canvas board. It's 11" x 17" so a bit smaller than I normally work on.

Elk Island National ParkElk Island National Park

"A River Runs". Based on a photo taken in the Adirondacks by Nancie Urciuoli Johnson I really wanted to try to loosen up with my painting style. It was a lot of fun just painting and not having to be concerned with reproducing a photo or a particular likeness.

A River Runs through the Adirondacks in NY.A River Runs through the Adirondacks in NY.