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Welcome to my blog.

Posted 3/29/2016

Since this is the first blog on this site, not to mention my first one ever, I thought I should maybe introduce myself a bit. I was born in Scotland way back in 1961 and while we lived just south of Ayr I started primary school in Minishant. As I remember it we had a total of 40 students, in the whole school. Primary 1 had 8 of us, mind you we did have to share a classroom with Primary 2 so that added another 4 or 5 students. At 7  my parents were given a council house in Prestwick so we moved and I joined a much bigger class at Glenburn Primary. My secondary school years were at Prestwick Academy, which is when I started to get interested in art.

My art teachers did try to persuade me to art college but I'd had enough of school by then and also I'm not good at being told how to paint or draw. In the end I decided to go to sea with P&O as a cadet, a career which took me all over and around the world, many times over. My last trip with P&O was on Sea Princess in 1989, when I was sailing as Second Officer.

At the time I was still living in Prestwick, Scotland... but that was about to change.