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I'm out on the ship now, but I do have an internet connection so I've added a new page which links directly to my Fine Art America page. You can now buy prints from FAA directly from this site.


I've now added my latest painting, the Leeds-Liverpool Canal near Foulridge to the Works in Progress page. You can see the painting as it progressed here.


I think I've managed to get the site back up and running now, and with a new design and layout.


So I now have 3 days left to try to get the site up and running again. On the 29th I'll be going from the hotel to the ship, which will be in Yokohama. From there we'll be sailing down to Taiwan and then on to the Philippines. Hopefully I'll be able to continue updating this column as we go to work just north of Luzon.


Well, after 3 weeks of emailing back  and forth with the host company and getting nowhere, it turns out that my anti-virus program is preventing me from adding new photos to the site.


After 41 hours of travel, I've finally made it to my quarantine hotel in Narita, Japan. I'll be spending the next 10 days looking at these four walls so maybe that will give me time to figure what the heck the problem is with the site. At least I can add text, just not images.


I've been trying to edit the site, but keep getting "Undefined" errors and no one seems to have a clue why.


 I thought I would add my latest painting to the website, turns out that may not have been such a great idea...



Learning to Fly

Posted 3/26/2021

The main reason we emigrated to Canada was to fulfill a dream of mine to learn to fly. I attended Professional Flight Training Centre in Boundary Bay, which is a small airfield in Delta, south of Vancouver. We enjoyed Vancouver and British Columbia so much that it didn't take us long to decide to do what we could to stay. Sue was quickly offered work as a legal secretary for a law firm in Vancouver but of course couldn't accept it without a work permit. Fortunately for us the immigration lawyer freely offered his advice and following that we rented a Cessna aircraft for the day and flew down to Seattle. In Seattle I applied for and received my student visa, which would then allow Sue to apply for a work permit on the basis of being a dependent of a student.

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Emigrating to Canada

Posted 3/26/2021

I met Sue while she was travelling on Canberra as a passenger: we kept in touch following the cruise and got married in Barbados less than a couple of years later. In May of this year we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  At the time we met, Sue was working as a legal secretary in London while I was living in Prestwick, Scotland. It meant a bit of a long distance relationship for a while but this was also at the time of the first Gulf War, which meant fewer people flying and thus reduced ticket prices. I remember being able to fly round trip Glasgow to London for something like 25 UK pounds. (Less than $50 Canadian)

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In the Beginning...

Posted 3/26/2021

Since this is the first blog on this site, not to mention my first one ever, I thought I should maybe introduce myself a bit. I was born in Scotland way back in 1961 and while we lived just south of Ayr I started primary school in Minishant. As I remember it we had a total of 40 students, in the whole school. Primary 1 had 8 of us, mind you we did have to share a classroom with Primary 2 so that added another 4 or 5 students.

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My Personal Blog

Posted 3/23/2016

I've never had a blog before... nor have I ever felt the need for one. In fact I've always felt it to be a bit like the talking heads one hears on AM radio chat shows. I would never want to listen to anyone conceited enough to think that they have something that I would want to hear. But anyway here I am and I now have my very own blog. Maybe we can make it a place for discussion and to improve our knowledge of the arts... or at the very least it's somewhere just to have a rant.

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