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Steve James, Artist and Painter

I always enjoyed art in high school but eventually decided to forego art school and instead set off to join the merchant navy and see the world.

After about a dozen years as a deck officer with P&O I got married and emigrated from Scotland to Canada. Following a couple of years studying Geomatics at BCIT in British Columbia I worked briefly as a land surveyor before once again heading to sea; this time as a hydrographic surveyor.

Initially I worked on cable laying ships before switching to the oil and gas industry which is what I still do today.

Things changed for me quite suddenly in 2009 when I suffered a major heart attack. During my stint in rehab I was advised to find something to do to relax and unwind.

The logical option was to once again pick up a paint brush and now the biggest problem I have is in finding the time to achieve everything I hope to with my art. With apologies to Joe Walsh, I guess the solution is just to take "One day at a time".




Pencil sketch of yours trulyPencil sketch of yours trulyWelcome to the official website of  Steve James, artist and painter. Here you can find everything you want to know about Steve, as an artist and as a person. Check out Steve's latest paintings and fire away with any questions or observations you might have about his work.


 I think this is where the deeply philosophical statement about my art is supposed to go... but it took me three attempts just to spell the word philo whatever so there's nothing to see here. I paint because I like to paint and if others like to look at my paintings then we're all happy. And that's about as philosophical as I'm going to get.

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